2018 Other Bus Electrical Systems Tester

Bus Electrical Systems Tester

Manufacturer Year Name Type Part Number Stock Number Condition Price
Other 2018 Bus Electrical Systems Tester Electrical System Model 241000 Model 241000 New $3,895.00

This is a piece of test equipment designed and built by "Bus Electrical Products" for testing the following components on the Bus. 24 Volt  Battery arrangements without disconnecting, Starter, Alternators (both if equipped with 2)  without disconnecting, Condenser and Evaporator motors, Battery Equalizer and On-Board Charger if equipped.   This unit performs a full load test on the above items according to the Bus manufacturers specifications and also the specifications of SAE, the "Society of Automotive Engineers".  All the above tests can be performed without disconnecting wires or cables in less than 5 minutes with some practice, providing accurate conclusive results.  Digital and Analog instrumentation is used to cater to the preferences of every technician.  When more intricate detailed troubleshooting and diagnosis is needed, this tester can perform voltage drops tests and parasitic load tests to determine if the bus is drawing too much current when being parked, causing the batteries to go dead over night.  This tester tests 24 Volt and 12 Volt systems up to 1000 Amps DC.  The value in this testing machine and methods is reduced bus breakdowns and surprise electrical failures.  These tests can be made once or twice a year with the Bus Electrical Systems Tester as a preventative maintenance tool.  An ounce of prevention saves nine.  The cost savings in reduced Bus electrical failures makes this tester to pay for itself, many times over.


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