1997 Cummins Engine Position Sensor

Brand New Genuine Cummins Engine Position Sensor Part #4327231

Manufacturer Year Name Type Part Number Stock Number Condition Price
Cummins 1997 Engine Position Sensor Miscellaneous 4327231 New $29.00

Part is brand new.
If you want pictures can provide.
Let me know if you need anything else.

  • Luminator Vista LED Sign

    Type: Miscellaneous
    Greenland, NH

    I have 6 of these signs (will sell individually at $150 each or all for $850) that were initially installed in Startrans Senators, but were changed out prior to buses put into use for different style signs. Connection pigtails were cut and would require either splice or new cables. Expense of shipping will be a pass through, however you wish to ship if necessary. Please contact me with any questions. 14 Rows by 130 Columns Full Amber Matrix Sign shall have no less then 1820 LEDs with a minimum display area of not less then 4.29 inches high by 39 inches wide. The sign envelope shall not exceed 8.25 inches height and not exceed 42.25 in width. The depth shall not exceed 3.5 inches. The sign shall only be 12 volts and will not require any up-converter. The sign controller shall be embedded and programmable using a flash memory card. The sign shall support up to 100 programmable messages. The sign shall be able to support single line messages, two line messages, or a combination of single and two line messages. The sign shall support display transition features including instant display, flash, slide left or right, wipe left or right, split vertical in or out, split horizontal in or out, slide up or down, wipe up or down, horizontal or vertical blinds, stack down and fade in / out. The sign shall support graphics through individual pixel selection. The sign shall support two light intensity levels for day and night operation. The interior of the sign shall be accessible with a simple key.

  • New Cummins Oil Dipstick & Rubber Bushing

    2002 Cummins
    Type: Drivetrain
    Brentwood, NH

    Dipstick # 10522953 (ABC price $46.25) Rubber Bushing # 10522802 (ABC price $5.94). We have 2 sets available for only $35.00 per set plus shipping cost.

  • Flxible front emblem

    1948 Flxible
    Type: Miscellaneous
    Ajax, On

    I am looking for the front emblem from a 1948 clipper.

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