Motor Coach Industries MCI "D" Baggage Door Panel,Upper Exterior #1  Large W/ Hole For Keyed Lock Cyl


  • MCI \
Manufacturer Year Name Type Part Number Stock Number Condition Price
Motor Coach Industries -- MCI "D" Baggage Door Panel,Upper Exterior #1  Large W/ Hole For Keyed Lock Cyl Body 3L-29-82 Used $75.00

PN 3L-29-82 Upper Exterior  Baggage Door Panel

Fitts MCI "D" Large Bag Doors #1&3 RH or LH

W hole For Keyed Lock Cyl

New   Three[3] Available  $75.00 ea

Jefferson Truck & Bus OKC,OK

Ed 405-272-0213


    73 GMC
    Type: Body
    Victoria bc, BC


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    2019 Blue Bird
    Type: Body
    San Francisco, CA

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  • 2001 International Thomas School Bus

    2001 International
    Type: Body
    philadelphia, PA

    Call me at 267-536-9084. Serious Inquiries only. If I am unavailable, please leave a message. Asking 10,000 obo. Price is negotiable. If you are interested in the bus make me an offer.Trying to sell before March 14,2012. NEED GONE ASAP. ACCEPTING ALL OFFERS. CALL ME TODAY AT 267-536-9084.VIEW PHOTO ALBUM OF THE BUS AT Mileage: Approx 126,000 Seating: 72 passengers Interior is dirty. Bus runs & drives. This bus is cheap compared to other buses that are the same make, model, year , and etc !!!! Don't miss out. NO PARTS MISSING ON THE SCHOOL BUS.

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