1985 MCI Various

Various MCI HVAC Parts (102A3)

Manufacturer Year Name Type Part Number Stock Number Condition Price
MCI 1985 Various HVAC Various Used $0

I have various components removed from my running '85 MCI 102A3. The parts available:

-Entire blower assembly for central heating core (central heat blower motor and central heat blower housing)

-Main heater water valve

Everything out of the condenser compartment:

-2 axial fan motors

-condenser (fins in very good condition)


-receiver tank

All the above parts are in fairly good shape and, to my knowledge, have no issues. Please contact me with any questions.

I have plenty of pictures of each item but my files are too large to upload at the moment. I will be working on this but in the meantime call or e-mail at bjornmcmillan99@hotmail.com.

I prefer local pickup but if you have a freight carrier I will package to ship, you will also have to pay for packaging/shipping

Thank You

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