2015 Other VDO RoadLog ELD Intro Kit

VDO RoadLog ELD Intro Kit - 3290-95200100

Manufacturer Year Name Type Part Number Stock Number Condition Price
Other 2015 VDO RoadLog ELD Intro Kit Audio and Video 3290-95200100 New $499

VDO's RoadLog electronic logging device is one of the most affordable ways to automate your compliance log. Built specifically with owner-operators and small fleet owners in mind, the RoadLog offers electronic compliance logging with NO MONTHLY FEES. It's also the only ELD to feature an on-board printer.

The RoadLog connects directly with your truck's data port and combines GPS data with data from the truck to create a complete digital log. When starting your trip, simply insert the RoadLog "driver key" (included) into the dash-mounted display and log in to complete your pre-trip inspection report and set your duty status. The driver key, a specially designed USB drive, will download all of the information to the key. When you get home, you plug the key into your computer and download all of the trip details into an FMCSA-compliant record.

The on-board printer makes compliance checks a breeze! Simply select the needed records and press print. The on-board thermal printer will provide a printout that looks like a standard paper log. The printer never needs ink and uses fade resistant ink to keep records legible.

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