2022 Ford Starcraft-Ford E450

2022 Shuttle Bus, New, Starcraft-Ford E450, Econoline

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  • Ford Bus For Sale
Manufacturer Year Type Model Stock Number Mileage Condition Price
Ford 2022 Mid-Sized Bus Starcraft-Ford E450 1,628 New $88,900.00

2022 Shuttle Bus, Starcraft-Ford E450 bus in perfect condition.
Body Style: Cutaway

Miles: 1,628

Fuel: Gasoline
Engine condition: Excellent
Tire condition: Excellent
AC/Heater systems: Excellent, accessible on dash and rear of bus
Condition of seats: Excellent
Interior body, walls, and ceiling: Excellent
Electric door: Yes
Leaks in bus: None
Any dents or body damage: None
Capacity: Fifteen seats including driver seat, all include seatbelts
Rear luggage compartment: Yes


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