1982 Chevrolet 40877100 (engine)

1982+ Chevy Full-size School Bus with 8.2-L Detroit Diesel Engine

Manufacturer Year Type Model Stock Number Mileage Condition Price
Chevrolet 1982 School Bus 40877100 (engine) Unknown 150,000 Used $2,000

Currently non-running mid-1980s (exact year currently unknown) Chevrolet Full-size School Bus with 8.2-L, 8-cylinder GM Detroit Diesel Allison Model 40877100 Engine.  Ran fine when I purchased and parked it about 8 years ago, took all seats out (except driver's), put it up on blocks, installed a wood-burning stove, and used it for storage.   Needs a new battery, new gas, oil change, and possibly other work in order to run because it's been just sitting.  Removed the blocks today and the bus is ready for towing.  May have damaged wiring because rodents have been living in the engine compartment.


  • Body: Chevrolet
  • Chassis: Unknown
  • Length: 44 ft
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Engine: Detroit Diesel Allison Model 40877100
  • Engine Brake: Unknown
  • Engine Mileage: 150000
  • Transmission: Unknown
  • Transmission Brake: Unknown
  • Transmission Mileage: 150000
  • Braking: Unknown
  • Seating Capacity: 60
  • Wheelchair Lift: None
  • Wheelchair Capacity: None
  • AC: Yes
  • Auxiliary AC: Unknown
  • Rear Luggage: Unknown
  • Interior Luggage Racks: None
  • PA System: Unknown
  • Stereo: None
  • TV Monitors: None
  • WiFiNone
  • Outlets: None
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