2006 MCI D4500

2006 MCI D4500

  • 2006 MCI D4500
  • 2006 MCI D4500
  • 2006 MCI D4500
  • 2006 MCI D4500
Manufacturer Year Type Model Stock Number Mileage Condition Price
MCI 2006 Motor Coach D4500 1,214,875 Used $105,000

This beautiful 2007 model year, one owner (delivered late 2006) MCI D4500 Motor-coach is now available for sale. This coach has enjoyed indoor storage since new and represents one of the best examples in the market place today. Seating is configured for 51 passengers and features the Astron Amaya Torino Seating with center armrests. It is powered by the extremely reliable CAT C-13 pre-particulate trap version couple to the bullet proof Allison B-500 transmission. This coach is also ADA certified featuring a Ricon Wheel chair lift.

During 2014, at 864000 miles this coach went through an extensive 5- month rebuilding with the following work performed

*Complete strip down of the entire coach both interior and exterior to include entire suspension, driveline, interior, numerous glass components baggage bay floors and baggage doors.

*Both the engine and transmission were completely rebuilt

*New cooling systems including radiators and related coolers

*New condenser and fans

*Completely rebuilt suspension out of coach both front and rear.

*All new leveling valves and systems including air tanks

*All support systems including A/C compressor, Alternators etc.

*Entire interior refinished by Sardo including seats (lower cushions) sidewalls, ceilings etc.

*Saucon exterior/interior cameras installed

*Baggage floors replaced

*Wheel chair lift and area completely refurbished

*Baggage doors replaced and or refurbished as needed

*Coach completely repainted


We could go on and on!  This coach is road ready, bullet proof and revenue ready.

 Please review the extensive number of photos for complete a complete overview of the incredible condition of this motor-coach https://roa.shootproof.com/gallery/6787698/home

To see rebuild photos, click here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HLPWLAivLDYgCIM63


  • Length: 45
  • Engine: CAT C-13
  • Engine Brake: Yes
  • Transmission: Allison B-500
  • Transmission Brake: No
  • Transmission Mileage: 350,387
  • Seating Capacity: 51
  • Wheelchair Lift: Yes- Ricon
  • Parcel Racks: Yes
  • TV Monitors: Yes
  • WiFi: WiFi prep
  • Outlets: Yes
  • Kneeler: Yes
  • Restroom: Yes
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