2012 Turtletop Ford F550

2012 Ford F-550 Shuttle Bus by Turtle Top. 125,194 Miles. $35,900.00

Manufacturer Year Type Model Stock Number Mileage Condition Price
Turtletop 2012 Mini Bus Ford F550 125 Used $35,900

2012 Turtle Top Ford F-550 Shuttle Bus For Sale

2012 Ford F550 Diesel 27/31 Passenger w/ 125,194 Miles by Turtle Top. Unit is unique that you can keep it at 31 Rear Passengers + Overhead Luggage Racks & Co-Pilot or remove 2 doubles, move the wall and make it a 27 Rear Passenger + Rear Luggage + Overhead Racks + Co-Pilot. Big TV up front w/ 2 Drop Down TV\'s Mid Bus, Overhead Luggage Racks w/ Reading Lights, Freedman Glitz Seating (Recline, Armrests & Seat belts), Gray Rubber Flooring (easy to clean) Electric Bi-Fold Door, Etc. Please call for more info.

CA SB109/SB338 Fire Safe, Anti-Lock Brakes
Vehicle Premiums: Premium Brakes, Luggage Compartment, Premium Suspension, Custom Paint, Dual Alternator, Dual Battery
Passenger Comfort: Tinted Windows, Captains Chairs, Mood Lighting, Reclining Seats, Leather Seats, TV/DVD


  • Body: Turtletop
  • Chassis: Ford F550
  • Length: 33'
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Engine Mileage: 125,194
  • Braking: Hydraulic
  • Seating Capacity: 27/31
  • Wheelchair Lift: no
  • Wheelchair Capacity: no
  • AC: Yes
  • Auxiliary AC: Yes
  • Rear Luggage: Yes
  • Interior Luggage Racks: Yes
  • Stereo: Yes
  • TV Monitors: 3
  • WiFino
  • Outlets: no
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