1985 MCI 102A3

MCI Bus Conversion Project

  • 1985 MCI 102A3
  • 1985 MCI 102A3
  • 1985 MCI 102A3
Manufacturer Year Type Model Stock Number Mileage Condition Price
MCI 1985 Motor Home 102A3 0 Used $6,500

Almost 60 videos of the bus. Search backtoschoolbus on Youtube.

Detroit Diesel 6V92 (two stroke engine) turbo and Allison 740 Transmission.
Engine Serial number is 8067-7826.

You will not find a charter bus this cheap with the work that we have done on it. The bus needs mechanical work in the near future but is drivable. Almost every detail is listed below. Please reach out to ask any questions you have.

The bus will come with a lot of extra's listed below (some prices included just so you can see some of the value added to our low asking price):
-radiator (paid ~$950)
-new marker lights ready to be installed (paid $150)
-used 150 gallon tank (paid $125)
-used 35 gallon tank (paid $25)
-new automatic electric locks for the storage bay doors (paid $50)
-used 6.5 KW diesel generator (needs a little bit of work but would make a great genset for the bus)
-11 cu ft apartment sized LG refrigerator (paid $200)
-Lopi wood burning stove (paid $450)
-LG combo washer/dryer (paid $350)
-misc. tools and supplies (a few hundred dollars worth when everything is added up)
-20 ton bottle jack
-jack stands
-complete set of MCI manuals (pdf with backup disc) (paid $250)
-bendix air brakes manuals
-Detroit Diesel 6v92/8v92 manuals
-Dyson vacuum cleaner (works great, old and heavily used... we used it to vacuum the inside of the bus when needed)

Some of the highlights of the bus conversion are:
-9" roof raise (interior height is around 6' 9")
-registered as a motorhome already
-10 RV sliding windows installed with screens (all are emergency escape/swing open)
-primary and secondary oil filter, coolant filter, and fuel filter are all new (7-28-17)
-oil changed (7-28-17)
-annual inspection of brakes, air system, lights, tires, etc performed (7-28-17)
-16 gauge galvanized steel on the walls (no oil canning)
-stripped to frame, sanded, primed, and enameled.
-storage bays completely sanded and painted with thick coat of truck bed liner
-wheel well covers replaced and sealed
-1/2" ACX plywood on the walls
-two layers of 5/8" structural CDX in the floor
-1 and 1/2" rigid foam board in the floor
-front and rear section have additional 7" of Denim insulation in floor
-5" of high heat ceramic insulation in the floor over the engine bay
-Front and back cap completely filled with insulation
-10 and 12 gauge Romex run in walls
-passengers side electrical runs through conduit under floor to drivers side
-two fantastic vents installed (welded in metal supports in case roof airs want to be put there instead)
-1 3/4" metal tubing bolted to exterior for future roof deck, solar panels, and/or roof storage


A coat of paint would make a huge difference. Almost no work has been done to the exterior other than the front cap being fiberglassed (it is about 95% done, just needs sanding and bondo). Will really look like a nice bus with the paint done.

Engine Information:
-2 Stroke Detroit Diesel 6V92
-Allison 740 Trans
-Has always started with the first flip of a switch
-unsure of engine mileage, there is only a "hubometer" which shows 180,000 miles
-Supposedly the engine was rebuilt shortly before we bought the bus (no paperwork to verify this)
-180 hp under load; rated at 270 hp
-engine operates at correct temp
-leaks are present but minor. the main point of concern is the head gasket leak

Other notes:
-Tires are in good condition, plenty of tread left
-back drive tires are re-treads
-one radiator needs to be replaced, replacement radiator is sold with the bus
-small amount of rust remediation isolated to four steel tubes in the radiator bays and blower bay
-drivers side window shield needs replacing, large crack (window new costs $250 from local vendor)
-small rock chip in the passenger window shield
-battery bay door (small door) needs hinges on it. currently removable


We have $21k into this project (before rent and cost of tools). We have spent 1000's of hours researching and working on this project and really did a quality job. Our plans changed over the last couple years and life is taking a new direction so we are letting this great bus go. We hope to see it get into good hands!

All sales will be final. There are no returns and the bus is sold as is. There is no expressed or implied warranty. You are welcome to schedule a time to see it in person, ask any questions, and make any offers. Feel free to bring a mechanic or schedule a mechanic to come look at the bus.

You can always take over payments at the storage facility the bus is at if you need time between purchase of the bus and actual pick up.


  • Length: 40'
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V92
  • Engine Brake: no, appear
  • Engine Mileage: 170,000 (uncertain)
  • Transmission: Allison 740 Automatic
  • Transmission Brake: No
  • Transmission Mileage: Unknown
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