2001 Ford E450

2001 Ford E450 10 cyl 12-seater with lift and spaces for wheelchairs

Manufacturer Year Type Model Stock Number Mileage Condition Price
Ford 2001 Mini Bus E450 118,000 Used $7,500

Vehicle was owned by a municipality prior to use by our assisted living. Assisted living sold and bus is going. Much work done for rubber, lift, suspension, brakes and A/C. 118K miles. Have seen others older and with twice the mileage selling for more. Engine has been very reliable. Goes through snow very well.


  • Body: Ford
  • Fuel: Reg Unleaded
  • Engine: E450 10 cyl
  • Engine Mileage: 118000+
  • Seating Capacity: 12
  • Wheelchair Lift: Yes
  • Wheelchair Capacity: 2
  • AC: Yes
  • Rear Luggage: No
  • Interior Luggage Racks: No
  • PA System: No
  • Stereo: Yes
  • TV Monitors: No
  • WiFiNo
  • Outlets: No
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