FAQ For BusesOnline

How do I Create an Account?

Does it Cost Anything to Create an Account?

No, there is no charge to create your account.

How Can I Delete My Account?

How Can I Add Photos to my Classified Listing?

During the process of creating a classified listing, you will be prompted to upload photos. If you elect to add photos later, you can then click on EDIT PHOTOS next to that listing in your Dashboard in order to add new photos.

Can I Change the Photos in my Classified Listing?

Yes you can. On your Dashboard, clicking the EDIT PHOTOS link will allow you to change or delete the current photos for a listing.

Can I Change the Information in my Classified Listing?

Yes you can. On your Dashboard, clicking the EDIT LISTING link will allow you to edit and change the information for that particular classified listing.

If I Sell my Item, Can I Use that Ad for a Different Item?

Your ad can only be used for that one item. Once your item is sold, you must create a new classified listing to sell another item.

Can I Sell Anything on your Website or Just Buses?

You are able to select a category of MISCELLANEOUS under PARTS, where you can sell anything you would like, as long as it has something to do with transportation (i.e., trucks, cars, motorcycles, scooters, trailers, boats, etc.). You never know who is looking for something, so why not expand your viewing area?

Can I Have Several Listings at One Time?

Is it True that Parts Listings are Free?

Yes it is true. You can sell bus, RV, and motorhome parts ads for free.

How Long Can I Run my Classified Listings?

Your classified listing, no matter what category or package, will remain on our website until YOU remove your listing.

Can I Add an Event to Your Event Calendar?

What is the Products and Services Directory and How do I Use It?

How Do I Purchase a Classified Ad?

How Much do Classified Ads Cost?

There are three levels of classified ads: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Gold listings cost $195, Silver listings cost $95, and Bronze listings cost $45. When creating a Parts classified ad, those are all FREE of charge

Can I Purchase More than One Ad at a Time?

When Does my Classified Ad Expire?

Your classified ad will remain on our website until YOU remove it. This way you can take advantage of our websites excellent traffic to expose your classified ad to as many potential buyers as possible until your item is sold. There is no expiration date.

How Can I Advertise on your Webite?

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