Detroit Diesel Complete 8v-92 Rebuild manuals

Complete 8v-92 Rebuild manuals

Manufacturer Year Name Type Part Number Stock Number Condition Price
Detroit Diesel -- Complete 8v-92 Rebuild manuals Drivetrain Used $200.00

I was doing a complete 8v-92 rebuild acouple yrs back and purchased from Detroit THE COMPLETE SET of Manuals. Manual 1 Chapter 1- Complete Engine Rebuild step by step every detail,. Chapter 2- Complete Fuel Sys. 2nd Manual Chapter 3- Lubricating Sys, Chapter 4- Cooling Sys, Chapter 5- Fuel ,Lubricating Oil and Coolant, Chapter 6- Air Intake System, 3rd Manual Chapter 7- Exhaust Sys, Chapter 8- Electrical Equip, Chapter 9- Power Take Off , Chapter 10- Special Equipment, Chapter 11- Operation and Verification , Chapter 12- Engine Tune Up, Chapter 13- Preventive Maintenance ,Chapter 14- Storage and Chapter 15- Series 92 Service Tools. This is the Complete 8V-92 Series Service Manuals. All the pages are in Perfect Cond . There is no grease on any pages. There are absolutely no pages missing. any questions please ask. I paid over $300.00 direct from Detroit. these Manuals tell you everything about your 8V-92 , Servicing it and keep[ng it running strong for a long time. You can do a complete engine rebuild with these and everything is very detailed EVERYTHING

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