gillig phantom low Brand New bumper

Brand New bumper

Manufacturer Year Name Type Part Number Stock Number Condition Price
gillig phantom low -- Brand New bumper bumper n/a New $350.00

This is a new never used aluminum bumper that was intended for a 1998 Gillig. Not sure of all the models this will fit

  • Bus Not Washer

    Type: Miscellaneous
    Napa, Ca

    Washes buses indoors and outdoors. Washes up to 35-40 buses on 1charge Rudder controls,a central drive Works perfectly.

  • 16J-9-1 - A/C condenser motor and fan

    Kirks Automotive
    Type: HVAC
    Braintree, MA

    This motor was purchased from Kirks Automotive 6/15/11 and is under warranty until 6/15/12. It was installed in a MCI 102C3 and ran for six months and is in perfect working order.

  • Laclede

    Type: Wheels and Tires
    Montgomery, AL

    *PRICE REFLECTS CURRENT HIGH BID AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME DURING THE ONGOING AUCTION. * ONLINE AUCTION- Ends 3/9/17. To see full details for this item please go to enter QAL #9431-2 in the Quick Asset Lookup QAL box located on the home page. Surplus Bus Tire Chains - Unused Approx. 82 pairs Laclede P/N 3451 tire chains (3 pallets) Approx. 529 bags Laclede P/N 7023-400-24 cross links for Laclede P/N 3451 tire chains (there are 25 cross links per bag) (9 pallets) Approx. 150 pairs Laclede P/N 29225 rubber tightener rings for Laclede P/N 3451 tire chains (in 3 large tubs) Located in Portland, OR  

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