1966 Eagle Model 04

1966 Silver Eagle Bus Model 04

  • 1966 Eagle Model 04
  • 1966 Eagle Model 04
  • 1966 Eagle Model 04
  • 1966 Eagle Model 04
  • 1966 Eagle Model 04
  • 1966 Eagle Model 04
Manufacturer Year Type Model Stock Number Mileage Condition Price
Eagle 1966 Motor Home Model 04 1285 184,285 Used $0

**You may have seen my post about this bus back in January, a lot has happened since then but I’m still the same guy and its still for sale. The transmission and clutch are now fixed which is a huge victory, and the bus is now drivable.

This is an extremely rare Eagle, I'm told only 110 were made in Belgium by Bus&Car and less than 15 made it over to the US. This was the only Eagle bus to ever be offered with factory Air Suspension.

More photos and videos here: https://goo.gl/photos/ZxHHsZYirNGZvueG7

Driving video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnwSNXZX0d4

37' long and 8' wide

Detroit Diesel 6v53
6-Speed Manual ZF Transmission
Air Brakes
Air Suspension
Power Steering
Dual Roof A/C
6KW Onan LP generator

The engine starts right up, several diesel mechanics have said it sounds great and very healthy.

I have recently replaced the transmission, as my original had a damaged reverse gear. I got very lucky and found an original model 04 Eagle transmission sitting in a barn in Wisconsin, and was able to get it swapped out. Bus now drives forwards and backwards, and shifts well.

The interior is basically a full remodel project, the existing kitchen is pretty nice and intact, but everything else is a blank slate. Before stripping out the existing interior everything worked, as in plumbing and wiring, so most of the hard “guts” work of the RV conversion is already done. You can see there are several good appliances and fixtures already installed, big water tanks, and some good RV inverter/power electronics installed below. But make no mistake this IS a remodel project.

Mechanical work that has recently been done:
-new clutch master cylinder (yes it has a hydraulic clutch, rare for a bus but stock on this model and works great)
-new (used oem) transmission installed - ZF 6 Speed manual.
-new pair of big 24v batteries

The good:
The bus runs great, the air suspension and air brakes work great, power steering works great, all the headlights/blinkers/running lights work great. Most of the body work and side panels and bumpers are in amazing shape for the sheer age of this thing. This is a super rare survivor of a bus and deserves to be restored and enjoyed by somebody who has the passion and the means to do so. Has a TN title, and is already registered as an RV, which can be a tricky part of the process on old bus conversions.

The bad:
-If a full restoration is desired, the hardest part will be the windshield, there are some cracks running through the front windshield. It is solid when you push on it and it has probably been like this for many years, but finding this model windshield would be a needle in a haystack, may have to go a custom route or get one made.

-One of the side glass windows has been busted out, I don’t know if it was punk kids or what. That is the unsightly aluminum sheet metal flashing you see on the right side of the bus in the current photos.

-Tires have plenty of meat on them, but their age is unknown. They hold air fine and I have driven about 65 miles on them at this point, but not sure if I would trust them on a cross country trip right off the bat.

-Two of the bay doors do not latch on their own, currently I strap them shut when I drive it.

-Speedometer is not working, most likely just a cable, have not looked into it. Odometer reads 184,285. Who knows for how long. All of the other gauges seem to work fine.

I’m just going for complete honesty here. Now with the transmission and clutch work and one expensive tow, I have spent close to ten grand on this bus. It's a sensitive subject. I will consider all reasonable offers, I have already been burned by one buyer who wanted to do a “payment plan”, live and learn on my part. If you don't have the money to buy the bus, let alone work on the bus, this is probably not the bus for you. Cash in hand to drive, etc. Please, no funny business.

I like to fix old things, I’m a decent mechanic, I’ve done a number of old motorcycle rebuilds, older vehicles, etc. I like to renovate houses and build furniture. I had grand plans for this handsome bus, I wanted to remodel the inside and create the ultimate vintage Family Travel machine, that could also serve as a very unique AirBnB type rental when we weren't using it. Would make a hell of a tiny house for the right person as well.

As this bus continues to sit, the reality is I no longer have time for a project of this size, no good place to work on it, a toddler and a baby on the way, etc etc. I simply bit off more than I could chew, more so than usual.

If YOU are an Eagle Bus enthusiast, with time and money to put into this machine, this could be a wonderful thing. Lord, I hope you are out there and find this ad. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


  • Length: 37'
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Engine: Detroit Diesel 6v53
  • Engine Brake: no
  • Engine Mileage: unknown
  • Transmission: ZF 6 Speed Manual
  • Transmission Brake: no
  • Transmission Mileage: unknown
  • Generator: 6kw Onan LP
  • Gillig 636012

    1977 Gillig
    Mileage: 299,202
    Montgomery, AL

    *PRICE REFLECTS CURRENT HIGH BID AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME DURING THE ONGOING AUCTION. * ONLINE AUCTION- Ends 3/31/17. To see full details for this item please go to www.auctiondeals.com enter QAL #5947-206 in the Quick Asset Lookup QAL box located on the home page. 1977 Gillig Coach Model No. 636012 Converted Bus. Fully Converted Bus. This vehicle starts, runs, shifts, and drives. Automatic transmission and 2 wheel drive drivetrain are in operable order. It was maintained regularly and was removed from service. The white exterior has some minor small scratches and scuffs, slightly rusting paint around metal trim areas of roof and doors, abrasions showing bare metal from where decals were grinded off, and the driver side mirror is cracked. The tires are in good condition. This vehicle comes equipped with stock radio (AM), power steering, and AC/Heat (AC is cold, heater is hot). Engine: 636 cu in (10.4 L) Caterpillar 1160/3208 V8 Transmission: Unknown, but was originally manual and the County converted it to automatic Engine #: 40535782 Serial #: E4116 GVWR: 32,340 with 11.00 X 20F Tires GAWR Front Axel: 12,000 GAWR Rear Axel: 22,000 Capacity: 46 The bus comes equipped with lots of overhead wooden cabinets, a wooden pantry, lots of counter space, a large built in table, lots of built in bench seats, carpeted floors, 1 separated room with door, and 1 separated bathroom containing a toilet, sink, and mirror, with door. There are lots of wires still running through the floor and cabinets from when it was a command center. The bus has a generator and 2 water tanks (unknown if working). Please review the pictures carefully or make an appointment with the listing agency to view the vehicle in person before placing a bid, as what you see will be included with the bus.  

  • GMC PD 4104

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    Mileage: 5,000
    Chapel Hill, NC

    1957 GMC 4104 motorhome. Excellent condition. New tires. Rewired. Onan generator. Also two 4104 parts buses available.

  • GMC 4108

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    PRICE REDUCED----45000 miles on New Detroit Diesel w/Jake Brakes, Cruise Control. Allison Transmission, new brakes, 7.5 diesel Onan gen/solar panels, new radiator & muffler, new batteries, 120 gal fresh water, 130 gal holding tank, 2-40#LP tanks w/gauge, 20 AC, 2500 watt inverter w/65 amp charger, compressor ref, bays are heated so can be used in cold weather, plus much more.... It's a HOME on wheels

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